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ergoFit™ has changed to ZentoFit™... watch this space

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a completely fresh approach to specifying an office chair, ZentoFit™ offers you menu-driven, good ergonomics at entry level.
ZentoFit is ideal for situations where you need to provide 'best practice' ergonomics for a number of users.

with three sizes of backrest and three different seats to choose from, plus a small range of posture enhancing options, ZentoFit has truly 'redefined the standard'

we believe that certain things should come as standard; that's why you'll find these in every ZentoFit chair:
- memory foam seat layer
- seat depth adjustment
- inflatable lumbar cell
- independent seat tilt and back angle adjustment

on top of all this, you can add some posture enhancing options:
- coccyx cut out
- sacral support cell
- air cell seat

35kg to 150kg

Dimension Ranges:
Download our mini-easiSpec system for sizing and menu options