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Ergochair announce launch of NEW much-awaited V600 office chair featuring an infinitely adjustable backrest.


West country office chair manufacturer Ergochair announced today that they are adding a new revolutionary product to their comprehensive range.

As you would expect from Ergochair the NEW Adapt®V600 is another first in the industry.

Making use of innovative V-Trak® technology hitherto only available in wheel chair design and manufacture, the Adapt®V600 brings you a revolutionary multi-adjustable office chair for many skeletal issues.

Helping with a wide range of postural care issues, this is a brand new concept in backrest contouring. The V600 offers all of the well-loved features and adaptations of the original Adapt®600 range alongside ingenious modular backrest technology.

Much more than just a mesh-covered frame, the V600 is breathable yet infinitely adjustable.

The V600 backrests provide 5-way adjustment:

  • Height
  • Angle
  • Lateral Wrap (Horizontally) Independently adjustable
  • Spinal Contouring (Vertically)
  • Adaptations™ air-cell options

The chair, as a whole, offers:

  • A choice of 9 adjustable V-Trak backrests
  • Multi-adjustable armrests options
  • Choice of 4 adaptable seat templates
  • Adapt 600 knee-tilt mechanism
  • Full range of adapt 600 Adaptations™

Contact Ergochair for more details on the Adapt V600 V-Trak brochure including their unique measuring guidance.

adaptV600 brochure

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