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about ergochair

we are a unique, family-run company based in the UK providing bespoke office chairs both here and in Europe

we make the highest quality office chairs for people with posture problems or disabilities

this enables them to work in comfort and helps them to achieve their full potential

we do this with in-house, bespoke craftsmanship and tons of design expertise

by working with a large group of amazing people, we get brilliant insight into what people actually need

we’re nice to work with and we treat people fairly

when something isn’t quite right we correct it, quickly and with no fuss

we’re always listening to ways in which we can develop and grow

we’re a big family

Our team

we are nothing without our team... these people make what we do possible

David Stubbings


David is the Guv’nor. Ergochair is his baby and he loves it now just as much as he did when he came up with the idea for it many moons ago. David is still very hands-on with the business, although these days he does manage to find a little more time to enjoy his grandchildren and his golf

Kate Stubbings

Finance Director

Kate is one of our longest serving members. Heading up all things money she (somehow) also finds time to look after the wellbeing of our growing flock from an HR perspective. Kate is also a keen runner, cook, mum and dedicated Prosecco taster

Jo Jones

Commercial Director

Jo handles the day-to-day sailing of the Ergochair ship, ensuring an enjoyable and productive journey is experienced by everyone. She makes sure that we are on course, and figures out how best to sail unchartered waters and make new stuff. When not at work Jo’s hands are full with her two dogs… or a large G&T

Our story

ergochair was formally set up in 2004 in order to address a bit of gap in the market with regard to office chairs

there were thousands of ‘ergonomic’ office chairs available, each boasting a variety of features and buttons…but they all had one thing in common… they were standard, mass produced products which didn’t take into consideration the fact that we’re all different shapes and sizes